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TYPO3 Shariff 9 released

Reelworx just released the next major version 9.0 of ext:rx_shariff.

We had to change the static templates slightly, unfortunately making this a breaking change. We are sorry about that, but better now than later and we know you can cope with this easily.

We happily announce that we followed the request of the TYPO3 server team and also moved our development over to BitBucket. The new repository URL and the link to the issue tracker can be found <link https: typo3cms extensions rx_shariff _blank>in the documentation.

On top of that, Helmut Hummel took the chance and reserved the key reelworx/rx-shariff at packagist for us and subsequently transferred it over to us. Thanks for taking care of that!

Enjoy the newest version and keep up the privacy of your users.