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TYPO3 Shariff version 11 released

Reelworx has just released the latest version of the well known integration of Heise Shariff and its data serving backend into TYPO3.

Version 11 brings quite some exciting changes. Read on to get the details.

Heise Shariff version 3.0.1

The frontend part has been updated to use version 3.0.1 of Shariff. [1]

This brings compatibility with Bootstrap v4 as well as Font Awesome v5 icons.

Cut old limbs

Since TYPO3 version 7 the Guzzle library is available with the core by default. We finally cancelled support for TYPO3 version 6.2, which helped us getting rid of the necessity to ship Guzzle together with the extension.

We were also able to remove some legacy code necessary for the old eID implementation in the TYPO3 core.

Improved security

Version 11 of rx_shariff also includes a security fix for a XSS vulnerability discovered in the Shariff Twitter share button recently [2], which Reelworx provided the fix for in the upstream Shariff repository. [3]
(As a courtesy to our users of older TYPO3 instances, we provide a dedicated version 10.3.3 release of rx_shariff including the manually applied security fix.)


With the new EU law only one month ahead, implementing a solid Social Sharing solution respecting the privacy of your users is a must have. Heise Shariff, integrated via the rx_shariff extension, is great possibility to achieve this.


Retrieve the <link https: extension rx_shariff _blank from>latest version now from TER or update your composer-based TYPO3 installation.


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